It is the emotion conveyed in our images that sets our wedding photography apart. We capture all the romance, laughter, celebration and most importantly the love you have for your family.

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All Weddings Include:
Adam Harpula + an Assistant Photographer
Digital Images. Online Gallery. Printing Rights.
Images will be Delivered within in 3 weeks.

Full Wedding Day Coverage typically ranges between 2699 to 4999
options include; engagement session, albums & prints.

We also offer; a same day slideshow, intimate photo reveal party & digital photo album

Intimate Elopement Weddings are available starting at 1499


Why Us

Gentlemen deserves great photos too
It's no secret that photographers tend to favour photographing the Bride and for good reason. However, we believe that the Groom deserves incredible images too. Let us help make this day awesome for both of you.

We love your parents
Every photographer will take pictures of your parents during group photos and a few candid images throughout the day. We feel like that is not enough. It has probably been a long time since your parents have had a professional photo taken and we feel that they deserve extra special attention. We do not leave a wedding until we have taken a few extra special photos just for them. And so far, every parent and wedding couple has really loved that we take the time to do this.

Experience with many photographers
We work with, assist and share drinks with some of the best photographers and vendors in our area. It is a great way to build positive relationships and improve service for our clients. Let us know and we can match you up with the perfect connections.

We care about you
We pay attention to the fine details that you may not have even considered important; such as clearing the room of people, so that the Father of the Bride can see his daughter in her dress for the first time and share their emotions together. We encourage people to open up and express themselves honestly. We believe in quick, high quality service and we are always figuring out how to make the experience better for you. We want to earn your business and prove to you each step of the way, that you made the right decision in choosing our services.


Wedding Day Schedule Tips

Traditional wedding day photo coverage can take up to 14 hours; if you consider that you will start to get ready shortly after you wake up in the morning and the party ends shortly before everyone goes home and goes to sleep.  Some weddings can be a little shorter at about 8 hours; if you are staying at a hotel that will host the ceremony and reception. And, some intimate weddings can take as little as 4 hours.

Below we will help you figure out how much photography coverage you need as well as,  give you advice on areas that can be adjusted if you are having a smaller more intimate wedding.

The most important sections of the wedding day are; the Ceremony, Group Photos & Romantic Photos, which take about 4 hours in total. Therefore, you can start there and build onto that what you like.
We have outlined the standard break down of a wedding day. Each section below typically takes around 2 hours, especially if you include travel, hugs & kisses, forgetting things and other normal delays that occur when you are trying to organize a large group of people.

Getting Ready (2 hours each)
Depending on how many people there are at the location and how far along you are when we arrive; we find 2 hours gives us time to cover everything, as well as allows us to keep our distance. There are many details to photograph during this time and often many photos with the parents, family and the wedding party. This gives us the ability to photograph everyone looking their best and gives you time to hangout with the friends and family.

To save time, the Bride & Groom can get ready in separate rooms at the same location; such as a hotel, be half way dressed when we arrive and have a small well organized group of people.

First Look (2 hours)
A first look is when the Bride & Groom decide to do a surprise visit with each other before the ceremony. You may find this to be an exciting idea or you may want to stick to tradition. The advantages of a first look is that you can get the romantic photos done early in the day when you are fresh, as well as save time between the ceremony and reception and join your guests sooner. If you do choose to go with a first look, we recommend using the full 1-2hours here, so that you can go straight from your ceremony to your reception later.

Ceremony & Group Photos (2 hours)
Many wedding ceremonies are about 30mins to 1 hour service. The receiving line can take up to 30mins. And group photos take up to 30mins.

Romantic Photos (2 hours)
This will be your first chance to relax and gather yourself and enjoy a little time with your partner. Also, the wedding party will surely want to crack open some refreshments. Depending on the locations you have chosen, there may be some travel time and everyone has to get in the limo and out of the limo at each location.

To save time , you can have photos with the wedding party right after the ceremony and send them off to entertain the guests. Then you can have your romantic photos in private at a nearby location.

Dinner & Speeches (2 hours)
This section always takes longer than expected. It really does take a long time for guests to settle down and find their seats, the wedding party entrance, dinner to be served and speeches throughout.

To save time, you can do the wedding party entrance, first 3 dances, bouquet toss, garter toss and cake cutting immediately (which will take about 1 hour) and let your photographer go before dinner.

Traditions (2 hours)
If you save the traditions for after dinner, they typically take a little longer. Likely you will be going by a more relaxed timeline, which may mean there will be a few more speeches, you will be socializing with guests and so on. This will typically mean about a 2 hour time frame to get all of you traditions done.

To save time, you can remain diligent and get the traditions done within 1 hour after diner.

Guests, Party and Exit (2 hours)
At this point it is up to you how much longer you would like the photographers to stick around. You may not want the photographers to miss a moment or you may need just a few extra photos to capture the excitement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions require a 25% retainer fee to reserve the date. The remainder is due 7 days before the session. Cash, cheque, email transfer or credit card.
Cheques payable to: Lighten Up Photography.   E-Transfer to:

Do you work with a second photographer?
Yes we do. Our second photographer helps to provide a better quality of lighting. They back up the images throughout the day. They can also set up a same day slideshow of your best images from your wedding day. And of course, our second photographer will provide additional photographs to ensure the absolute best coverage possible. Many photographers split up during the getting ready photos to save time... We do not do that. We work as a team to photograph the Bride and Groom, ensuring higher quality service.

As well, if the lead photographer becomes injured or damages their camera, the second photographer can provide un-interupted coverage until the lead photographer is ready to go again.

How many pictures do we get?
It varies on the type and duration of the session. An estimated quantity will be discussed in advance and detailed in the contract. Typically we do provide as many as we can. We do not limit the number of photographers based on quality or price. We provide as many as we can minus duplicates.

Can we see the outtakes?
After receiving your images, you should feel confident that we have provided you with just about everything we could and we hold nothing back.

Do you edit every photograph?
We edit every photograph we provide. Editing involves making sure that the brightness and colour are professional, the images are straightened and cropped to look ideal and adjustments are applied overall for a quality finished look. As well we provide basic retouching to images as needed to fix obvious blemishes. We tend to favour colour images, but are happy to edit black & white on your request.

Should you attend our rehearsal?
It is not necessary. We have photographed many weddings and events in a large variety of locations and conditions. Typically within seconds we will have our lighting and settings dialed in. However, please let us know if there is anything unique that we should be aware of that we may need to see during the rehearsal.

Can our family and friends view, download and/or order prints?
Yes. We recommend that you collect emails on the invitations. This will give either us or yourself the ability to send out a link to the image gallery quickly and easily.  You will get to decide if there are shots you’d rather not have accessible to them in the online gallery.

Can we give you a photo list?
Yes. We like to refer to it as a mood board, that we will discuss in advance to ensure we meet your style. At the same time, the majority of the requests we receive are already on our must have list.

Can our friends take photos and/or follow us around?
Yes. We welcome and encourage guest photography. However, they must be respectful of everyone's time, personal space and attention. We expect minor disruptions, but if it does get out of hand, we will ask for our space and expect you to have our back, should your guest be offended. The same rules apply should you want to allow one of your guests to shadow us.

Do you mind if my friend, X, who is a photographer re-edits the shots after delivery?
If we have communicated well, there should be no need for additional editing. If there is a need, please let us know so that we can handle it for you.

What do we need as the photographers?
We need time to photograph well. The majority of what we do can be achieved in a timely manner. However, the photography itself needs to be respected in concern with time. When necessary we can work quickly and under pressure with excellent results. Nonetheless, ample time will allow you to slow down, relax and be comfortable in front of the camera as well as, allow us to respect your vision and focus on the details. Therefore, depending on your needs, do not underestimate the amount of time needed to achieve the results.

Copyright, Licensing and Model Release:
A copyright, License and Model Release are designed to protect both the client and the photographer. We have full respect for your privacy. Details will be included in the contract and you will have full rights to print and use your images.

Any advice you can give us?
3 second First Kiss; and practice the night before. Don't wing it, this is the best kiss of your life!